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Keep Calm and Feed On

July 7th, 2015 at 12:12 pm

Finding a dog bowl can be as challenging as deciding the name of your fur baby, but Funny Fur gives pet parents the option to select the best bowl for their breed. When picking the perfect bowl pet parents take into account function, durability as well as the lifestyle of their pup.

Meilleur Ami

Meilleur Ami

The Meilleur Ami Dog Bowl is an adorable french piece serving a favorable meal and made of high-quality ceramic material complete with print on the bottom. Along with Le Bon Chien Dog Placemat and Biscuit Savoreux Dog Treat Jar achieve a french chic set as precious as your pup.

Wetnoz Big Pooch Ultra Dog Bowl

Wetnoz Big Pooch Ultra Dog Bowl

For the more sophisticated pup, the Big Pooch Ultra Dog Bowl will suffice for the most refine of style. With a sleek scoop and serve design, this piece will accommodate the most busiest on-the-go socialite. Made of stainless steel and a hint of chromium, this bowl is one of the most hygienic surfaces with frequent cleaning. An additional Dog Bowl Booster is beneficial for larger pups to help from overstretched necks reaching too low.

Bowsers Meshidai Double Feeder

Bowsers Meshidai Double Feeder

Bowsers Meshidai Double Raised Feeder is the most popular among pet parents offering simple clean lines for a contemporary look. Delivering multiple colors and sizes this piece will compliment a pups personality and home, complete with white heavy-weight ceramic bowls which are dishwasher safe.

Keep calm and feed on with any of these stylish and functional pet bowls. Find more looks to complete your furbaby’s style at Funny Fur.


Trends 2015: Ponchos

May 14th, 2015 at 11:11 am

With the current weather conditions of scattered rain clouds it can be a bit difficult to maintain style while avoiding puddles. Ponchos are a solution to the wet dog look and keep fur babies in style during any storm.

slicker jacket


Beverly Hills based designer, Ruff Ruff Couture, brings glamour and pure fashion with a sense of humor in the Pearl Polka Dot Reversible Slicker.





The RainWear Dog Coat and Hat is a playful pattern during neighborhood walks or can become a classic color if a special occasion is in need of attendance.



For a straightforward poncho look try the Rainy Day Dog Poncho that has an adjustable fit to tightly secure on extra stormy days or can be stored in its own pouch when the sunshine returns. With so many options in various styles, rainy days will be something to look forward to from now on.

rainyday dog
Rainy Day Dog Poncho









Potty Training Tips

April 14th, 2015 at 1:02 pm

If owners could choose one skill their dog had to know, it would to be housebroken. Whether teaching a small puppy or an older dog here are some tips that could help with ensuring an impactful training.

If the dog is not housebroken it is best to keep them confined to one area of the house and should not roam freely until housebroken. Preferably, keep the dog in an area where messes are easier to clean up like a crate or area closed off by a gate. Puppies younger than 10-12 weeks might not be able to hold their urine and pee pads can be used until they get older. Once your pup is old enough be sure to train puppies to use the potty outside otherwise they will understand that it is ok to use the potty inside all the time, and no one wants to be the owner who has to carry pee pads to yappy hour.

When in the process of potty training here are a few do’s and don’ts that can be very helpful.

Do praise your dog with a walk or pat, but the act itself is the best praise as the dog will associate the feeling of relieving their bladder to the act. Don’t use treats because it can interrupt the act and the dog will then just focus on the food and wait later to potty.

Do stop your dog the moment you see them urinating where they aren’t supposed. Catching your dog in the moment will teach them that behavior is not acceptable and then take them immediately outside. Don’t scold your dog 5 minutes later if you find urine stains, because in a dogs’ mind they understand you are mad at the urine stain and might just pick another location in your home to potty. A loud clap or noise maker works great to startle your dog to stop in the moment.

Do use scheduled feeding and potty times so your dog will better understand when they should relieve themselves and once your dog becomes more familiar with what you want after feeding time the wait won’t be so long, and you can get back to Real Housewives. Don’t wait too long after feeding to take your dog outside, about 10 minutes after feeding should work.

There are definitely more tips to helping potty train your pooch, but we want to hear from you about what worked or didn’t work in your training.



Grooming Routine

April 7th, 2015 at 3:02 pm

Benefits of Consistent Dog Grooming

There are many benefits for keeping your pup clean and pristine whether from the groomers’ or giving some time to your furbaby. Just like humans, dogs need a good grooming routine  to ensure the best overall health and help prolong life. When grooming, it’s a quiet bonding time experience between owner and pet and helps you become more familiar with your pets body which will help to catch and prevent any health problems. Not only does grooming improve a pet’s overall health of skin and coat, but it also lowers stress levels for puppies and for us, too. Along with a great smelling pet, regular grooming will help keep dog odor and fur shedding to a minimal inside your car or home. If new to grooming, be sure to have a great attitude, lots (and I mean lots) of patience, and plenty of treats to create a positive experience for your pet. Be sure to stop grooming if it becomes a battle with your pet and return to it later when things are calm again. Of course if your pet requires more detailed cleaning a professional groomer is always best. We would love to hear about your grooming experiences and how your pup likes being taken care of, so please comment below.



Dental Care 101

April 2nd, 2015 at 1:52 pm

Canine dental hygiene is very important in the health of your dog and proper dental care for a dog can combat bad breath, plaque and gum disease which affects your dogs’ overall health. In order to keep a healthy mouth you must brush your dogs’ teeth once a day but sometimes we may not have the time to sit and scrub every tooth or as new owners might not even know where to begin.

All the items you need to keep your pup healthy.

All the items you need to keep your pup’s teeth healthy.

When brushing your dogs’ teeth it is important to have the proper tools for the job. Start off with the best toothpaste, for us there are many formulas to choose from but in the dog world having pet specific toothpaste with a nice flavor will do the trick. Do not use human toothpaste because dogs tend to swallow a lot of the paste during brushing and human toothpaste will upset their stomach. After choosing the toothpaste it is time to find the perfect toothbrush and there are a few that are best for certain breeds. In our video we go over the benefits of the different toothbrushes and how they work for dogs.

Once you have the tools for cleaning it is important to have your dog comfortable with fingers in the mouth so they don’t get startled and bite on your hand. For beginners, it is best to first rub their teeth with peanut butter or something sweet so they associate brushing as a positive thing. You want to do this several days in a row and follow up with treats. When your dog is comfortable with fingers entering the mouth now introduce the brush with toothpaste by first letting your dog lick the brush to get use to the texture and gently rub the teeth and gums. Again do this several days in a row with treats and praise.

When your dog is comfortable with the toothbrush against the tooth, you can start brushing regularly. First gently hold back your dogs’ lip and start brushing at a slight angle to the gumline, brushing a few teeth at a time. Brush the outside of the teeth, gently moving back and forth, be sure to speak to your dog in a soothing tone and always follow up with a treat. Over time you can lengthen the session to gradually be able to clean all teeth in one sitting. Be sure to watch our video for a live demonstration of how to clean your dogs’ teeth and more detail over all the products available to you.


Rain, Rain, Go Away..

March 26th, 2015 at 2:48 pm

Unfortunately we can’t stop the rainy weather to take our dogs out for a brief walk, but we can prepare for it. It can be such a chore to prepare ourselves for the aftermath of clean up when taking our pups for a walk in wet weather. Instead of lugging the hose, grabbing the mat, or gathering the towels there are other easier methods to clean our pups paws. My favorite is the Paw Wash, with a simple design and easy usage it can be perfect for those muddy days. Here is a video demonstrating how easy it is to use. If the weather is a bit more cold, or extremely hot there are also waterproof boots available that slip on each paw and stay securely wrapped on their feet. With the Paws Natural Boots there is no hard padding  so your pup can feel the ground he is walking on, the boot is more of like a protective rubber slip over the paw. It’s great for keeping itchy lawn chemicals off your pup and works with snow or hot pavement. There is always the option of cute and fashionable doggy shoes. It protect against dirt and harsh weather while keeping your pup stylish with any outfit they decide to show off. So with all the options available for protecting our pups paws in the ever changing weather, it doesn’t seem to be a challenge for that walk in the rain.


Pet Dental Care 15% Off

February 1st, 2014 at 9:00 am

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and Funny Fur is celebrating with 15% off all pet dental care products. Enter promo code DENTAL15 at checkout.

Pet Dental Care, Dog Toothbrush, National Pet Dental Health Month


Summertime Safety

April 25th, 2013 at 9:30 am

Summer is right around the corner! Now is the time to gear up and prepare for those exciting outdoor excursions you love to take with your pet. The wonderful outdoors, while fun, can be dangerous too. Dogs are easily succeptible to dehydration, heat stroke, sunburn and insect bites during the summer. Funny Fur has some great products to prevent and protect your pet from these summertime woes.

Whether it’s a trip to the park, a hiking excursion or a camping trip, the summer heat can get to your dog more quickly than you think. Keep your dog hydrated with a portable water bowl or water bottle. The Handi-Drink Portable Water Bottles are a great choice because it’s a water bottle and a bowl all in one compact product. It even comes with a clip for easy portability.

Another great way to keep dogs cool is with a cooling vest. These lightweight vests are made from a special material that absorbs and retains water while keeping your dog dry. As the water slowly evaporates, it takes the heat around it and keeps your dog’s core temperature regulated. These are especially great for dogs with dark fur. Try the Dog Cooling Vest for smaller dogs and the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest for larger dogs.

Another great way to beat the heat is with a delicious and healthy frozen treat. Made with USDA Organic ingredients, Freezy Pups Frozen Treats are an easy to make, refreshing treat. Buy the kit and you’ll get a bone-shaped ice cube tray and one of each flavor mix: Juicy Apple, White Cheddar Cheese, Sweet Potato n’ Maple and Chicken Soup. This is one of our best sellers!

With heat, comes sun damage. Owners with light colored dogs know all too well that dogs can get sunburned too. Our non-toxic SPF 15 Pet Sunscreen is easy to apply, non-irratating and non-oily. Simply spritz and go! A must have for dogs with light colored skin and noses. We must not also forget our pet’s sensitive eyes. A dog hat with a brim is a comfortable way to keep the sun out of their faces. Doggles sunglasses are another option to keep out bright rays, dust, bugs and other eye irritants.

And last, but not least, we have those pesky insects that can make both your life and your dog’s life miserable. Not only are bug bites irritating, itchy and/or painful, but they can transmit deadly diseases too. There are quite a few options out there to keep your dog comfortable. The Dirty & Hairy Outdoor Shampoo and Spray are all natural products infused with citronella to repel bugs. Happy Tails’ Flea the Scene Skin Soothing Insect Spray alleviates itchy and irritated skin; repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes; and protects against the sun’s harmful rays with a natural sunscreen. Both products are pesticide free and perfectly safe if licked off.

A newer technology called Insect Shield is also great for both you and your dog. These products have a non-toxic and safe insect repellent bound tightly to fabric fibers, resulting in an effective, odorless insect protection. Insect Shield is available in the following products: dog crate, dog pen, dog bed, dog hoodie, dog shirt, bandana and outdoor blanket. As a bonus, you can also use the bandana and blanket for yourself!

It’s important to be prepared when venturing outdoors with your pet. Before heading out, make sure to make a check list for both you and your dog. Keeping your dog safe from heat, sun and insects will be a little easier with these cool pet products from Funny Fur.


Insect Shield Pet Products

February 11th, 2013 at 11:49 am

Check out these cool new products by Guardian Gear that repel pesky, biting insects and keep pets safe and comfortable in the outdoors. Insect Shield®, a patent-pending process that binds a proprietary permethrin formula tightly to fabric fibers, results in effective, odorless insect protection. This process is completely safe for pets and approved by the EPA.

The Insect Shield Crate and Pet Pen are both fully collapsable for easy transport and storage.

Dog Pen Dog Crate

For active play, try an Insect Shield dog hoodie, dog tee, or dog bandana. Insect Shield pet clothes are available in sizes XXS-XXL and are machine washable up to 70 times!
Dog Clothes Dog Clothes
Dog Bandana Dog Bandana

Also available are the Insect Shield blankets and outdoor pet beds. We love the blanket idea because you can use it for more than just protecting your dog – it will protect you too! Take it to outdoor concerts, sporting events or even camping and stay bug-free. It’s compact and easy to travel with.
Dog Blanket Dog Bed

Perfect for the back yard or a trip to the park, Insect Shield pet products are an easy way to keep your pets bug and bite-free! What do you think of these products? Would you buy them? Let us know in the comments section below!


Protecting your Pet in Cold Weather

October 30th, 2012 at 1:50 pm

As temperatures begin to drop, protecting our pets from cold weather and hypothermia becomes an important factor when taking them out for walks and romps in the park. Since not all pets are gifted with thick, warm fur coats, small dogs and those with little to no fur must rely on dog clothes to keep them warm and safe in winter. Apparel items such as dog jackets, dog hoodies and dog sweaters can provide the necessary warmth for many pups while still looking stylish.

In addition to pet clothes, many other practical pet products are available for fall and winter months. Winter dog accessories such as dog blankets, skincare products, fleece lined dog harnesses, dog boots, and dog hats are not only functional but can be stylish as well.

  • Funny fur offers an array of head and neck wear, including dog hats, snoods, scarfs and neck warmers to protect the thin skin on the head and ears.
  • Skincare products for pets, like Cain & Abel’s Paw Rub or Natural Dog’s Snout Soother work wonders on preventing and treating dry, cracked and chapped skin.
  • Dog shoes protect paws from cold weather, sharp objects, salt, chemicals and more. Funny Fur offers dog boots in an array of styles and sizes to fit any size dog. Looking for something affordable and simple? Our lightweight rubber PAWZ Dog Boots are ideal for a quick cool weather walk. For snowy or icy conditions, we recommend the Bark’n Boots Polar Trex dog boots for ultimate winter paw protection.

Funny Fur carries a wide selection of dog apparel and accessories to meet the needs of pet owners – large or small. Local Houston customers are welcome to stop by the Funny Fur store with their pets to get fitted for clothes and shoes, or you can visit for a larger selection of styles and sizes.