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Keep Calm and Feed On

July 7th, 2015 at 12:12 pm

Finding a dog bowl can be as challenging as deciding the name of your fur baby, but Funny Fur gives pet parents the option to select the best bowl for their breed. When picking the perfect bowl pet parents take into account function, durability as well as the lifestyle of their pup.

Meilleur Ami

Meilleur Ami

The Meilleur Ami Dog Bowl is an adorable french piece serving a favorable meal and made of high-quality ceramic material complete with print on the bottom. Along with Le Bon Chien Dog Placemat and Biscuit Savoreux Dog Treat Jar achieve a french chic set as precious as your pup.

Wetnoz Big Pooch Ultra Dog Bowl

Wetnoz Big Pooch Ultra Dog Bowl

For the more sophisticated pup, the Big Pooch Ultra Dog Bowl will suffice for the most refine of style. With a sleek scoop and serve design, this piece will accommodate the most busiest on-the-go socialite. Made of stainless steel and a hint of chromium, this bowl is one of the most hygienic surfaces with frequent cleaning. An additional Dog Bowl Booster is beneficial for larger pups to help from overstretched necks reaching too low.

Bowsers Meshidai Double Feeder

Bowsers Meshidai Double Feeder

Bowsers Meshidai Double Raised Feeder is the most popular among pet parents offering simple clean lines for a contemporary look. Delivering multiple colors and sizes this piece will compliment a pups personality and home, complete with white heavy-weight ceramic bowls which are dishwasher safe.

Keep calm and feed on with any of these stylish and functional pet bowls. Find more looks to complete your furbaby’s style at Funny Fur.


Cuddle Time

April 23rd, 2015 at 12:30 pm

The Susan Lanci philosophy is to always be fashionably timeless with superb quality and function. The Susan Lanci Cuddle Cups stay true to the philosophy with a product that is multi-functional and classical stylish for any small dog and a number one must have accessory.

Fold side for a bed.

Fold side for a bed.

For dogs who prefer to be wrapped.

For dogs who prefer to be wrapped.


The Cuddle Cup is versatile having the option to be used as a throw for a quick nap, pull out the inner lining material and lay flat, or for dogs who prefer to tunnel, can snuggle inside for comfort and with the sides folded is the perfect dog bed at the end of the day. Any doggy princess will be delighted to have the Susan Lanci Cuddle Cup and with over 15 styles to choose the perfect pattern is available to show off their captivating personality.


New Modern Dog Gates and Pet Pens

July 20th, 2011 at 7:30 am

Dog Gates and Pet Pens

Our new modern dog gates and pet pens are more than just functional; they enhance the look of your home and are made with eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo and rubberwoods.

New user-friendly designs meet your needs, no matter what they might be. Looking for a dog gate? We offer permanent and pressure mounted walk through gates to portable and freestanding gates. Looking for a dog pen or crate? We have mobile pet pens and expandable pet pens that can double as dog crates. Looking for both? We even have a dog gate that transforms into a dog pen!

Dog gates for your home don’t have to be an eye sore or hassle to get past. Our new dog gates make it easy to blend into the décor of your home and new designs allow you to pass through with ease. Shop for all your dog gate and dog pen needs at!


New Louisdog Choco Maison & Cindella Coat

October 19th, 2009 at 11:34 pm

New Louisdog Choco Maison Dog Bed with mat and Cindella Dog Coat is now available at!




The Deliciously Comfy Jelly Donut Bed

August 5th, 2008 at 9:28 am

The folks at Room Candy hit the hot spot when they started making their line of uber plush and cute dessert dog toys including strawberry and chocolate donuts, muffins, truffles, etc. By popular demand, they just recently launched their new plush Jelly Donut Dog Bed. At only $60, these dog beds are deliciously comfy! Don’t forget the matching toys. :)

Jelly Dog Bed


Holden Designs for the Modern Dog

September 30th, 2007 at 7:03 pm

Looking for modern pet furniture?  Look no further.  We are very excited about Holden Designs pet furniture and accessories which include feeders and dog beds for the urban dog.  Designed and created by architect and dog lover, Jon Wesley Rahman, these products were made for the design conscious pet owners.  Check them out now at!

Holden Dog Bed


Holden Dog Feeder (Double)


Holden Dog Feeder (Single)



Paw-fect holiday gifts for dog lover coworkers, friends, and family!

November 28th, 2006 at 9:24 pm


Tis that time of the year again, where we ponder what to get for our friends, family, and coworkers. Now let’s not forget about our four legged friends. Whether they are pampered pooches or macho doggies, their paws could use some BowWow Butter Balm and Fur Butter (or Fur Worse) this winter. If you are shopping for your dogs, a nice custom plush pillow bed with handsewn initial of your little one’s name (comes in a variety of colors), a novelty dog toy like the Sniffany & Co., a new winter jacket for evening walks, Sushi Pups sushi toys, Simply Fido’s organic dog toys and puppy blankies, or a festive holiday outfit.

Now if you shopping for your coworker, we think the best gifts this season is the red plaid lilymuffs (one size so not hard to choose size), Sushi Pups sushi toys, Simply Fido’s holiday gift sets of organic dog toys and organic dog treats by Robbie Dawg, organic dog treats in holiday flavors and shapes, novelty dog toys like a Pawda bag or Chewy Vuitton bag, Pet Botanica spa gift sets, pawcuffs, and more! Check out’s great holiday selection of gifts for you and all your dog lover friends and family!