Ginger from Phoenix, AZ

Ginger probably has the most dog clothes out of every dog we have ever known. Perhaps the only one with more clothes than her is Tinkerbell Hilton. She has everything. Her pet parents are all about spoiling her. One very funny thing is that Ginger has 16 siblings, 15 of which are cats (not related of course!) and one big dog. Ginger is the princess and bosses everyone around. Way too many kitties and one fashion forward Chihuahua! That’s a full house!

Ginger loves all the collections by Little Lily, Paris Erotica, Izzy Galore, and Chi WOW WOW. Here she is sporting her one of kind vintage and couture tees by Chi WOW WOW.


ginger001.jpg ginger003.jpg ginger004.jpg

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