Gracie, Rio, and Easton from Clarksville, TN

Rio and Gracie showing off their new clothes by Care Bears by Little Lily.
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Gracie striking a pose in her new Dog Save the Queen Hoodie by Ready to Wag and Mimi Lilydresses by Little Lily.
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Rio looking very adorable in a Bumble Bee Kitty Lilysweats by Hello Kitty by Little Lily.

Rio chilling in her Bow & Chains Dress and Girly Punk Knit Sweater. After trying on all her new clothes, she decided to relax and play with her organic caterpillar (made of 100% organic cotton), Maggie.
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Easton’s very comfy in his new Dragon Couture Tee by Chi WOW WOW. These are one of a kind pet couture made from old vintage tees. Neato huh? Very cool and hip.
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