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Ready to Wag is Brownie’s favorite

June 19th, 2006 at 3:04 pm


Our Brownie has tried far too many canine clothing and accesories, and has officially made it a point that the Ready to Wag Save the Queen hoodie is his very favorite. I opted for the pink since the black is too hot for Texas weather. And no, we do not go out in clothes in the day time, that would be suicide. Brownie absoluted loves the fit, comfort, and I love the look! It’s perhaps one of the few hoodies that he has worn and actually let the shirt stay on him. Brownie is getting the hang of the pamper poochy thing as I recently noticed that he will not go on the grass, nor sleep on the floor, or go anywhere near mud, bugs, and trash. I tried to take him out (pictured above) and he had this strange look in his eyes like “Mommy, I don’t do this. This is dirty.” Brownie has accustomed himself and enjoys using the WizDog, indoor potty system. He likes to stay clean and lounge on a soft pillow on his chaise lounger with a chew or toy of his fancy. You will never find this guy without a nice soft cushion under him. He sits and lays where he likes to and we simply have to find space around him for ourselves.