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Big Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun, Too!

June 24th, 2015 at 6:19 pm

Bows, dresses, and shoes may all seem like a small dogs’ game but larger pups are still able to partake in on the glamour and fun. Funny Fur offers such a variety of items- over 2,000 products online to be exact- that no dog will be left without an accessory. Often times owners of a plus-size pooch fret at how hard it is to find cute pieces, and more exceedingly in the search of dog shoes.

Dog Hiker Boots

Fret no more, Dog Hiker Boots are the mode solution to win a shoe with sizes even for a Burnese Mountain Dog. With ultra suede and canvas materials these shoes are great for everyday wear, but the water resistant uppers and rubber bottoms make them lightweight and ideal for hiking in rough terrain or snow. Although the Dog Hiker Boots are desirable for combating the hot pavement in the summer, most owners want to show their pups personality with magnetizing apparel.

Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt

Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt


For those deserving weekends by the pool, have your pup sit back in the adorable Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt. All eyes will be fixed on your large pup wearing beach scenes and bright colors, with sizes accommodating dogs up to 90 pounds.



On nights out, spruce up your pup with a charming Noah Shirt Tie Dog Collar, known to match any formal outfit you or pup may have and offer sizing up to 25 inches. Large pup owners will now be faced with the dilemma of which event to display these dazzling details and bother no more about the small things.


Elliot Shirt Tie Collar

Elliot Shirt Tie Collar

Noah Shirt Tie Dog Collar

Noah Shirt Tie Dog Collar



Ruff Ruff Couture

May 19th, 2015 at 11:06 am


Based out of Beverly Hills, it is hard to imagine not having the most stylish ready to wear doggy fashion trends for your beloved fur baby, but for fashion model and fashion television executive, Pergament, that was the case for her rescued Italian Greyhound. Greyhounds are known to have a unique body shape and finding the perfect fit with a trendy look made it difficult for Pergament, so she decided to make her own styles and in 1999 Ruff Ruff Couture was born. First as a line of limited edition vintage couture coats, the brand quickly expanded to include t-shirts and dresses. Today Ruff Ruff Couture offers not only the cutest clothes but many other dog accessories from bags to toys and blankets to jewelry. Ruff Ruff Couture prides on delivering fashion forward design with chic looks and a hint of humor, and with those fashion criteria the most chic concepts are available for your fur baby to show off their personality with any accessory they choose from Ruff Ruff Couture.
coco bow

coatRRCshoe RRC



Trends 2015: Ponchos

May 14th, 2015 at 11:11 am

With the current weather conditions of scattered rain clouds it can be a bit difficult to maintain style while avoiding puddles. Ponchos are a solution to the wet dog look and keep fur babies in style during any storm.

slicker jacket


Beverly Hills based designer, Ruff Ruff Couture, brings glamour and pure fashion with a sense of humor in the Pearl Polka Dot Reversible Slicker.





The RainWear Dog Coat and Hat is a playful pattern during neighborhood walks or can become a classic color if a special occasion is in need of attendance.



For a straightforward poncho look try the Rainy Day Dog Poncho that has an adjustable fit to tightly secure on extra stormy days or can be stored in its own pouch when the sunshine returns. With so many options in various styles, rainy days will be something to look forward to from now on.

rainyday dog
Rainy Day Dog Poncho









Summer Fashion Fun

April 21st, 2015 at 10:10 am

Photo prints, bright solids and fun patterns have always been known in summer fashion and Funny Fur now offers the same selection to your furbaby.

Wooflink Pastels

Wooflink Pastels

While Wooflink has pastels that will go great on any color coat, they also have jewelry worked into certain looks which gives more glam and style.



Zack and Zoey Ombre

Zack and Zoey Ombre

Zack and Zoey, along with Casual Canine offer lightweight dresses and shorts with fun patterns and bright colors that go perfect for the trip to the beach.



Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi

From Zack and Zoey, Isaac Mizrahi, Wooflink and Casual Canine Funny Fur has brought in new spring and summer looks ready to wear out of the store. Get inspired and stay ahead of the pack with these looks that are sure to be a head turner no matter what summer plans are in store for you and your furbaby.


Hot Fashion Trend: Chic Sweatpants For Dogs

March 16th, 2015 at 11:09 am

Sweatpants have made their way to become one of the hottest trends of the year. Tons of celebrities, like Rihanna and Selena Gomez, are effortlessly sporting sweatpants and joggers. They’re super versatile! Pair them with a basic white tee for a posh, casual daytime look or pair them with leather for a sleek, sporty nighttime look. And now, pooches can rock this chic trend too!

Wooflink SeatpantsDoggy Sweatpants

These Wooflink Sweatpants are perfect for a pooch who likes to stay trendy and comfy. Wear these out on a walk, to the dog park, wherever! Comes in three different colors & matches perfectly with the Wooflink Chihuahua Sweatshirt!


Funny Fur’s Fall Fashion Guide: Keep Your Fur Baby from Being a B-R-R Baby

November 4th, 2014 at 9:00 am

Fall’s in full swing, and you know what that means—it’s time to wrap our pups in the warmest autumn and winter wear, so they don’t freeze their cute little paws off! When the weather turns ugly, that’s the perfect time to dress your dog in the cutest, most fabulous dog knitwear, jackets, and coats. Here are some of our top choices for your pup to survive the increasing cold:

Bomber Dog Jacket

Bombs away! True, the Bomber Jacket was made with pilots in mind, but its basic function is the same—to keep its wearer nice and toasty. Just pop that hood up, and your dog is good to go. This dog jacket is seriously heavy-duty against wind and other harsh elements, but it’s light enough that your dog can still pull some serious g-forces in it. (Okay, he might not break the sound barrier, but dogs still love to run.)

Dog Tartan Vest

Cold weather means it’s plaid’s time to shine! Yes, we’re aware of the whole confusing plaid debate. (Is plaid the pattern? Or is that the material… wait, what about flannel?!) But one thing we can all agree on is that your dog would look absolutely darling in this dog winter jacket. The red or black base color of the Tartan Wrap Coat will make a captivating contrast with the oranges, yellows, and reds of falling autumn leaves.

Christmas Dog Jacket

Did you really need another reminder that Christmas is right around the corner? Maybe not, but that’s a good excuse as any to dress up your pup in this ultra-adorable Holly Days Tree Sweater. This holiday season, your dog can bring good tidings and good cheer to all as he sits by the Yule Log looking oh-so-handsome. And they say no one likes Christmas sweaters!

Puffy Dog Jacket

Even if it’s not snowing yet, it can still get plenty chilly on those early morning walks. We know as well as you do that our dogs love walks, but could we at least get our coffee first before braving that brisk autumn air? No? JEEZ. We think the Snow Princess Parka perfectly epitomizes any diva dog who eventually gets what they want, no matter what you say. This dog winter jacket is delicate yet stylish—just like your prim puppy princess. And of course it comes with a fur-covered hood to protect your fur baby from the cold. (It wouldn’t really be a parka without a hood, would it?)

Patterned Dog Sweater

It’s rabbit season! Well, it is as far as this Bunny Dog Hoodie is concerned. Fall can get kind of dreary the longer it goes on (what with that time change and all), but clothes like these make sure your dog will have plenty of fun by the time spring rolls around. Just look at those long, cute pink ears. And the little pom-pom on the tushie? To die for. We dare you to go five seconds without hugging your pup when he’s wearing this dog coat.

These fall dog clothes are just a few of the offerings available to you at We’ve got plenty of other fashionable choices to help keep your pup warm during the colder months—just take a look at our dog jackets and coats! What clothes will keep your pup warm this fall?


Trick-or-Treating With Your Dog: Dog Costumes to Complete Your Team

October 1st, 2014 at 9:00 am

Is there anything better than trick or treating? You get to get dressed up as a ghoul, goblin, ghost, prince, princess, major league baseball player, etc… Whatever it is your brain can think up! And then you get to go door-to-door asking people for free candy! If you’re headed out to get the goodies this Halloween, consider taking your family dog along, and make sure you get them into a great dog costume!

It’s a fact that trick-or-treating is exponentially more fun when you bring your dog along, or at least it should be. Bringing your dog, in an awesome dog costume, only adds to the whole experience of traipsing through the neighborhood on All Hallows Eve getting that delicious, delicious candy from each and every house. And if you’re thinking of putting your pup in a dog Halloween costume to compliment your costume, you’re probably in store for full-size candy bars as opposed to those fun-sized teases.

So if you’re going as a team with your furry friend this Halloween, consider the following costumes for dogs that will compliment yours.


Santa Dog Costume

Who doesn’t love the jolly ol fat man known as Santa Clause? Why wait until yuletide to dress the part? Dust off your St. Nick coat, your big white beard, and bowls full of jelly and hit the neighborhood this Halloween. Make sure to don your pup in the reindeer dog costume, though, because someone needs to guide the sleigh for the evening. Or, do the old switcheroo and you go as the reindeer and let your fur baby be Santa! That’s right, this dog costume is reversible!

Bring the Zoo!

Koala Dog Cotume

Remember that movie, “We Bought a Zoo,” and how that family really bonded over the animals they worked so hard to protect? The Koala dog costume is sort of like that… Especially if you go as a matching koala and the two of you go trick-or-treating. Your mini zoo theme will not only have you and your dog bonding, but every other trick-or-treater out there will be stopping to take pictures and admiring you like the cherished and lovable animals you are.

Slight Dogleg Right…

Dog Golfer Costume

There’s a saying, “Behind every great golfer is a great caddy.” (This might not be a saying, but it should be.) Turn your pup into Rickie Growler this Halloween with the Putter Pup dog costume available at With you as your furry friend’s caddy in tow, nothing will stop the two of you from sinking hole-in-one after hole-in-one and scoring the best treats in the neighborhood.

 On the Run!

Dog Prisoner Costume

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak, especially if you and your dog go as prisoner and prison guard. You’ll want to keep your little law-breaker on a short leash this Halloween when you dress it in the Prisoner Pooch dog costume. With you in a prison guard outfit, the neighborhood will be asking what your dog did to deserve time behind bars. Reassure them that with good behavior, he will be up for paw-role sometime soon, and in the meantime, he deserves a treat.

There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy Dog Costume

If you re-watch Wizard of Oz, you start to notice that the real star isn’t Dorothy after all. It’s Toto, with all of his scampering about, revealing the Wizard for who he really is, and generally just keeping Dorothy and her ragtag group of misfits safe. Now it’s your turn to be the star! Switch roles with your furry friend this Halloween when she puts on the Dorothy dog costume and you dress in dog ears and black fur.  If you have more dog friends, you can complete the brigade by dressing them in the lion, tin man, and scarecrow dog costumes!

Now that you have some good ideas about how to team up with your pooch and go trick-or-treating as a team this Halloween, choose the right dog costume for you and your pup. has a huge selection of costumes for dogs, in a variety of different styles and sizes. And if you’re expecting some furry friends to come trick-or-treating to your house this year, make sure you have some good Halloween treats to give them! We have you covered there too.

Happy Halloween!




M. Isaac Mizrahi

January 17th, 2014 at 1:48 pm

Last Fall, Isaac Mizrahi released his much anticipated dog clothes line with a Gingham, Leopard and Floral Dot collection. Funny Fur is pleased to announce his Spring line of dog clothes, the Paint Splatter and Painterly Logo collections.

The Paint Splatter Collection features bright and bold splashes of color reminiscent of a Jackson Pollack piece while the Painterly Logo Collection features a signature black and white letter print. These trendy collections are sure to be a favorite amoung stylish pups and owners!

Isaac Mizrahi Dog Clothes, Isaac Mizrahi pet collection, Isaac Mizrahi Paint

Pre-order now to be the first to receive pieces from this fashion-forward collection. The Paint Splatter and Painterly Logo collections begin shipping in late February 2014.

Check out all of M. Isaac Mizrahi’s pet collections at!


Louisdog Stars Plz

January 15th, 2014 at 9:33 am

Louisdog’s first collection release of 2014 is here! The Stars Plz collection features a fun star print fabric that comes in pink and cream. The collection is made up of dog clothes, beds and accessories.

Louisdog Stars Plz

Shop the Stars Plz collection by Louisdog at!


Fall Fleece Dog Clothes

October 9th, 2013 at 3:11 pm

September 22 was the first day of Fall and cooler weather is starting to creep in. Now is the perfect time to break out the lightweight, snuggly warm fleece! What? Don’t have a fleece for your dog? That’s ok! We have a huge selection of fleece dog hoodies and pullovers this year. A best seller, the I See Spot fleece pullovers are available in over 15 patterns and colors and run a cool $23. Also available are the Hip Doggie fleece hoodies, only $24. These lightweight dog clothes are perfect for fall weather. Click on the image below to shop these styles.
Dog Hoodies

Looking for something warmer? We love the Glacier Plush Dog Jacket. Styled after a North Face jacket, this dog coat provides warmth for colder winter months, while still being soft, snuggly and fashionable. It’s available in sizes XXS to XXL and starts at only $20.
Dog Jacket, Dog Hoodie, Glacier Plush Dog Jacket Click on the image above to shop this style.

What is your dog sporting this fall? Send us a picture of your dog bundled up and we’ll post it!