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Oscar Newman’s New Spring Line

February 13th, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Now available for pre-order, Oscar Newman‘s new collection of Spring dog dresses are sure to be a huge hit.

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Oscar Newman Spring 2012 Collection


The Honest Kitchen Dog Foods

February 7th, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Funny Fur is happy to announce that we now offer The Honest Kitchen dog foods, cat foods, treats and supplements! The Honest Kitchen makes dehydrated, human-grade natural pet foods in a human food facility for the highest possible quality standards. Since they make so many options, we made this handy comparison chart to help you find the right food for your dog.

All of the Honest Kitchen diets are 100% human-grade, made in the USA, and do not contain corn, soy, rice, beet pulp or wheat. Just add water for a fresh, wholesome and human grade meal.

Grain-Free Foods

Embark Dog Food – A Grain-Free, Low Carbohydrate Diet
Embark Dog Food


Embark is our grain free, low carbohydrate dog food. This diet was designed for dogs of all life stages including active adults, puppies, pregnancy and nursing. Embark is lower in carbohydrates, which is recommended by holistic veterinarians as part of a program for cancer recovery for pets. Embark is made with hormone-free USDA turkey.

Force Dog Food – A Grain Free Adult Maintenance Diet
Force Dog Food


Force is our original grain free dog food, we designed it for dogs with sensitive stomachs and chronic ailments related to the consumption of glutinous grains. Force is made with free-range chicken.

Zeal Dog Food – A Grain-Free, Gluten-Free Adult Maintenance Diet
Zeal Dog Food


Zeal is made specifically for sensitive dogs. Zeal is a grain and gluten free dog food. This is a great food for dogs that are sensitive to food and for adult maintenance. Zeal is made with wild caught Icelandic Haddock and wild-caught Blue Whiting.

Love Dog Food – A Grain-Free, Low Carbohydrate Diet
Love Dog Food


Love is a grain and gluten free dog food. It’s high protein and higher fat, ideal for active adult dogs, agility dogs and puppies.

Grain-Free, Base Mix Food

Preference Dog Food – A Grain Free Foundation Diet (Add Your Choice of Meat)
Preference Dog Food


Preference is a foundation mix for homemade, grain-free dog food. The easiest way to make homemade dog food, Preference is a grain-free foundation diet, to which meat must be added with every feeding. Use Preference as a base, mixed with your own choice of meat, fish or other protein.

Foods with Grains

Thrive Dog Food – A Gluten Free, Low Carbohydrate Diet
Thrive Dog Food


Thrive is our gluten-free, low carbohydrate dog food. Thrive is ideal for sensitive dogs who need a gluten free diet but with a little grain, to help maintain a healthy body weight. Thrive is made with free-range chicken and is free of fruits, potatoes and flax.

Verve Dog Food – An Adult Maintenance Diet
Verve Dog Food


The diet that started it all, the original dehydrated raw dog food. Verve is made with beef and organic grains. This diet is an excellent option for those who want a more wholesome and less processed meal for their pets.

Keen Dog Food – A Low Gluten Adult Maintenance Diet
Keen Dog Food


Keen is our low-gluten dog food for sensitive hounds. Keen is suitable for adult maintenance and for gluten-sensitive pets. It is a lower cost product without sacrificing quality ingredients. Keen is made with hormone-free USDA turkey.

For more detailed information about these dog foods, click on the name or chart. Visit for more Honest Kitchen products!