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British Fashion Invasion! From London’s Runway to Hollywood – *HOT* new British Punk Kilts!

January 11th, 2007 at 9:42 pm


It’s the British invasion with the classic kilt for your hip punk’d out boy or girl dog. Wool blend red tartan plaid, fully lined and sporting side pleats, comes with a comfy stretch band at the belly and a skull and crossbones charm. Pair it with a Chi WOW WOW Tee or Tank and a Vintage Rock Jacket. Carloyn Paxton, creator and designer of the hip vintage line Chi WOW WOW, believes that “Pet fashion isn’t just about “BLING” anymore. The kilt, traditionally worn by men, can now be purchased for male dogs, by their owners who want something fun and different for their close companion.” There are two style versions, one for boys and one for girls. Very hip, very stylish, and super HOT! Check out the British Punk Kilt now!