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Top Dog Toys for Naughty or Nice Dogs

December 12th, 2014 at 10:51 am

Finally—the holidays are here! (Ugh, don’t remind us. We still haven’t gotten all our shopping done!) By now you probably have a good idea which list your dog made this year.

What list, you ask? C’mon, you know what list. (Don’t make us sing it.)

No matter if she’s been naughty or nice, it’s time to find out what dog toys you’re getting your fur baby this holiday. We’ve picked out the paws-down best dog toys that your dog will just love unwrapping—or the best toys to encourage her to be better next year!

Dog and Puppy Toys for Nice Dogs

Nothing helps promote good behavior than positive reinforcement, right? If your fur baby was well-behaved this year, she deserves something nice to make sure she keeps up the good work. Show your dog she’s the reason for your season with these delightful dog toys for good pups!

Did Somebody Say ‘Steak?’

Steak Dog Toy

Okay, so it’s not exactly a seafood dinner. But what dog can say ‘no’ to a big, fat steak? Your fur baby will love chowing down on this hot-off-the-grill T-Bone Steak Plush Pet Toy. Because let’s face it—bones are so yesterday. This choice-cut toy is the best way to give your pup a nice treat without making a big mess.

Dog Save the (Beauty) Queen

Newman Best in Show Toy Set

If your dog’s been an absolute angel this year, you need a gift that speaks her language. This Oscar Newman Best in Show Toy Set does exactly that, providing your doggy diva with all the essential accessories she needs to feel like a princess. From the plush hairbrush to the teeny-tiny blow dryer, she’ll love getting primped while squeaking these durable dog toys.

“Standing Outside with Your Mouth Open Wide…”

Snowflake Rope Dog Toy

Catching snowflakes is great fun, but it only lasts so long. As soon as the flakes hit your tongue, it melts—that’s it; party’s over. But you can make the fun last with a Snowflake Rope Dog Toy! Unlike actual snowflakes, these tough dog toys will bring your dog plenty of winter merriment all season long. Toss, tug, and pull to your dog’s delight, without that melt-in-your-mouth quality.


Dog Toys for Naughty Dogs

We know, we know—she’s still your little fur baby, even if she’s been a bad girl. But choosing the right dog toys can send her the message: “You’d better shape up next year, or else!” Here are our top picks for dogs who have been naughty:

Chew on This!

Tory Bark Shoe Toy

Chewed-up furniture? Oh, no—not in your house. That’s a one-way ticket to the Naughty List (at least until next year). But if your dog’s gonna chew, she can at least chew on something other than the ottoman.

Maybe this Tory Bark Shoe Toy will take some of the heat off your home décor. Made from cute quilted material, it looks just like the real thing. You’ll definitely want to grab a pair! (Who buys a single shoe? That would drive us crazy.)

Puppy Punishment

Peekaboo Grand Bow House

You know what they say: Bad dogs get sent to the doghouse. So the next time your bad fur baby deserves a time-out, why not put her in an actual doghouse? This Peekaboo Grand Bow House by Louisdog is probably more than your naughty dog deserves, but c’mon—it is the holidays.

Santa’s Little Helper

Canvas Gnome Dog Toy

We know gnomes aren’t elves, but your dog won’t know the difference! This Recycled Canvas Gnome Dog Toy, and his… stern… expression, will be a subtle reminder for your fur baby that Santa’s always watching.

With these gifts, your dog will definitely know which list she’s on this year. If all goes according to plan, your nice dog will stay on her best behavior, while your naughty dog will change her ways. Then again, you’ll probably end up getting her presents anyway—who can deny that cute face??