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NEW!!! Chi WOW WOW™ Signature Carrier (Surfboards) and new ribbon styles are smoking hot for the vintage hipsters!

December 21st, 2006 at 9:36 pm


New Chi WOW WOW™ Signature Carrier with Surfboards graphic print is absolutely paw-fect for the hip, low key beach lovers! The new larger, brighter ribbons add more retro vintage girly flair. Your little hippy fashionista can pop their head out and lay down in the bag, sit up and people watch while Mom is shopping or running errands, or choose to be incognito and lay low getting some beauty rest with the side hole window closed and buttoned. Perhaps our favorite thing about this vintage style bag is how you can add your own style and personal touch with memorabilia such as pins, clips, charms, key chains, tags, jewels, beach accessories, and other cool hip embellishments to make it your very own!

For those who missed our introduction of the Chi WOW WOW™ doggy couture line a while back, here is briefing. Chi WOW WOW™ makes hip, one of a kind vintage doggy couture. Aside from the Signature Tanks, everything is one of a kind! So Paris, get Tinkerbell some Chi WOW WOW vintage couture wear so you will never bump into Hilary or Tori’s pooch with the little fashion mavens wearing the same thing! Then nobody would be able to copy Tinkerbell…there is only one size for each style and you will have no red carpet embarrassments…and the follow up of who wore it best. We likey likey. Chi WOW WOW


Hello Kitty Pink Head Cameo Lucite & Metal Chain Necklace and Leashes by Tarina Tarantino are sizzling!

December 13th, 2006 at 9:31 pm


Hello Kitty? Could this be? She looks different. Yes, celebrated celebrity jeweler Tarina Tarantino, is a fashion genious! Ms. Kitty now has new hair do and color! Did I mention this is for dogs? Tarina’s new winter collection is so hot…we can’t help but want to wear it, too! Fashionable pet parents, here is TIP for you. Since the necklaces have metal chains and therefore, are adjustable to the hole that fits (add the extender length in when figuring out the right size), get a size a little larger so then you can wear it, too! Now that’s what we call versatile and good shopping! Did we mention each piece is handmade with TLC? :)


Doggy Outfits? Yup…pet fashionistas must have this!

December 13th, 2006 at 9:28 pm


These hot outfits are for pet fashionistas only! Look absolutely fabulous with these complete outfits!

Each outfit (black, pink, white/red) includes matching attire and accessories as shown in picture. Outfits above includes Lulu Lilyteesâ„¢, Lulu Lilyskirtsâ„¢, Lulu Lilybeltsâ„¢, and includes the matching Lilyscarfsâ„¢ and Lilyearmuffsâ„¢! Mix and match, have fun, and look absolutely fabulous!

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