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Big Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun, Too!

June 24th, 2015 at 6:19 pm

Bows, dresses, and shoes may all seem like a small dogs’ game but larger pups are still able to partake in on the glamour and fun. Funny Fur offers such a variety of items- over 2,000 products online to be exact- that no dog will be left without an accessory. Often times owners of a plus-size pooch fret at how hard it is to find cute pieces, and more exceedingly in the search of dog shoes.

Dog Hiker Boots

Fret no more, Dog Hiker Boots are the mode solution to win a shoe with sizes even for a Burnese Mountain Dog. With ultra suede and canvas materials these shoes are great for everyday wear, but the water resistant uppers and rubber bottoms make them lightweight and ideal for hiking in rough terrain or snow. Although the Dog Hiker Boots are desirable for combating the hot pavement in the summer, most owners want to show their pups personality with magnetizing apparel.

Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt

Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt


For those deserving weekends by the pool, have your pup sit back in the adorable Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt. All eyes will be fixed on your large pup wearing beach scenes and bright colors, with sizes accommodating dogs up to 90 pounds.



On nights out, spruce up your pup with a charming Noah Shirt Tie Dog Collar, known to match any formal outfit you or pup may have and offer sizing up to 25 inches. Large pup owners will now be faced with the dilemma of which event to display these dazzling details and bother no more about the small things.


Elliot Shirt Tie Collar

Elliot Shirt Tie Collar

Noah Shirt Tie Dog Collar

Noah Shirt Tie Dog Collar



Funny Fur’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Gifts for Your Perfect Pup

November 21st, 2014 at 10:03 am

“Ruh roh, Raggy, rit’s the rolidays!” Okay, we don’t know if Scooby Doo ever said that exactly, but he may as well have. Even dogs aren’t exempt from the shopping madness which ensues at the tail end of every year. So with the holidays forcing their way into every store, street, and neighborhood, you know now is the perfect time to find something special for the special dog in your life.

Whether your fur baby will be happy with some simple dogs’ accessories or you need to go all-out to make him happy, just follow our Holiday Gift Guide for some great gift ideas! There’s something for everyone here, from the poshest Poms to the chattiest Chihuahuas. Take a look!

Warm Winter Wear

Moosey Dog Hoodie

Keeping warm is a top priority for dogs this winter. This  keeps your pup nice and toasty while looking his wintery best. No snow drift will go unexplored once he’s bounding across the winter wonderland in this cute sweater! Pair it with some delightful dogs’ accessories, and pop up the hood to show off his antlers (made from 100% natural free-range wool, like the rest of the sweater).

Susan Lanci Holiday Dog and Puppy Accessories

dog collars

Nothing cute-ifies dog collars like holiday dogs’ accessories! And with our range of holiday-themed bells, charms, and bows, you can add festive charm to your pup’s already adorable appearance with Susan Lanci’s latest collar creations. The Gingerbread Man Ultrasuede Dog Bow is a super-sweet look, while the Christmas Holly Bow and Jingle Bells Slider will bring kisses and Christmas cheer for all! And don’t forget a Santa Claus Charm to add that iconic, jolly look to your pup.

Holiday Bling

Giltmore Big Bow Collar

Maybe your pup has more sophisticated taste in designer dog accessories. If that’s the case, a gorgeous red Giltmore Big Bow Collar will make your dog look positively stunning while sitting down by the fireplace. And with three rows of Swarovski crystals lining it—and oh yeah, the big one in the middle—he’ll glitter and shine by the firelight!

Christmas Costume

Santa Paws coat

You know the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” right? Of course you have. Well, who can blame Mommy? You’ll want to kiss Santa Claus too if your dog comes down the chimney wearing this Santa Paws coat! And best of all, a dog harness is built right into this coat, so you can easily spread holiday cheer on a late morning walk (after all the presents have been opened).

A “Lump” Sum…

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Coa

Does your dog deserve coal this holiday season? Not real coal, of course. The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Coal rubber dog toy lets your dog know he’s been a bad boy—but that you forgive him anyway! This rubber dog toy rounds out at 3 inches in diameter, which is just perfect for dogs whose big mouths have put them on the naughty list!

We hope our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide has provided you with plenty of options for your pampered pooch. But you’re looking for something else, visit our Holiday Shop page. From dogs’ accessories which make great stocking stuffers to tasty holiday treats, you’re sure to find something which will make your holiday both merry and bright.


20% Off Buddy Belt Dog Harnesses in June

June 5th, 2013 at 8:31 am

Funny Fur loves Buddy Belts! During the month of June, take 20% off all Buddy Belt dog harnesses and accessories with promo code FFLOVEBB.

If you have been wanting to try a new harness, this is the one and now is the time! Our best seller, the Buddy Belt dog harness is not only fashionable (coming in a multitude of colors), but functional as well. Unlike many dog harnesses, this one avoids contact with the delicate neck area, rather moving any pressure exerted from pulling to the chest area. This design not only prevents choking, but helps avoid back strains and allows the walker more control.

The Buddy Belt dog harness is easy and fast to put on and take off with a simple step-in style design and one buckle closure. Made with top quality leathers, Funny Fur offers over 30 colors and prints to choose from, along with matching dog collars, leashes and accessories.

Buddy Belt Dog harness, Dog harness, Step-in dog harness, Buddy Belt sale, Buddy belt coupon, Buddy Belt promo

“FORM affects FUNCTION and function affects HEALTH! BUDDY BELT enhances proper function and health.”
– Dr. Leo K. Rosenberg – Certified Animal Chiropractor

Must enter promo code at checkout to receive discount. Offer valid through 6/30/13 on


The Fantasy Flower Collection by Susan Lanci

April 3rd, 2013 at 4:59 am

Introducing the Fantasy Flower Collection from Susan Lanci Designs. Just in time for spring, these brightly colored flowers are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The Fantasy Flower Collection is available in these styles: Tinkie Harness, Step-In Harness, Collar, Leash, and Bow.

Susan Lanci, Dog harness, Ultrasuede dog harness, Fantasy Flower

Susan Lanci Designs are handmade in the USA with luxurious Ultrasuede fabric imported from Japan and then embellished with premium Swarovski crystals. This exquisite line features comfortable, stylish and high-quality accessories for small dogs. For discriminating pet parents who want luxury, elegance, and bling without sacrificing function. Every detail is made with your dog in mind.


New Mimi Green, Plus Free Shipping!

February 20th, 2013 at 10:56 am

Funny Fur is now offering free shipping on all Mimi Green orders shipping to the USA, plus discounted international shipping! We’ve just added a bunch of new styles, plus cool new engravable buckle dog collars. Go tag-free when your pet’s info is literally engraved on his collar! Available in any Mimi Green style.

Dog collar


New Fall/Winter Color Buddy Belts

September 5th, 2012 at 9:45 am

Check out these cool new Buddy Belt dog harness colors just released for Fall and Winter! We just love this color pallete! They’re all perfect for both male and female dogs.

Customize your Buddy Belt dog harness or leash with crystals, pearl studs or a star concho, only at

Buddy Belt Dog Harness Fall/Winter Colors


With new color releases, also brings color retirements… Green Apple, Splash and Honeycomb colors are all officially retired.


New Susan Lanci Water Lily Collection

July 9th, 2012 at 9:01 am

Now available at is the newest collection by Susan Lanci – the Water Lily design. Available in a 1/2″ dog collar, plain and simple step-in dog harness, and tinkie dog harness. This collection is absolutely stunning with it’s giant Swarovski crystal accents!
Susan Lanci Water Lily Dog Harness

Also, four newly released Ultrasuede colors are making their debut:
Susan Lanci New Ultrasuede Colors

Shop all Susan Lanci styles at


Buddy Belt’s New Spring Colors

March 16th, 2012 at 7:53 am

Spring has sprung and brought with it these beautiful new Buddy Belt dog harness colors. Funny Fur now offers Tropical Sea (Special), Green Apple (Special) and Lagoon (Fancy) Buddy Belts. These cool, blue-green leathers make us think of relaxing by the sea, ahhh.
Lagoon Buddy Belt Dog HarnessGreen Apple
Green Apple Buddy Belt Dog HarnessTropical Sea

Tropical Sea Buddy Belt Dog Harness


You can customize any Buddy Belt dog harness with crystals, pearls or a star concho at!


Buddy Belts Help Dogs with Collapsed Tracheas

July 15th, 2011 at 9:51 am

Buddy Belt Dog Harness

A dog harness is a must have if your dog suffers from a collapsing trachea. Buddy Belts are designed in a way that avoids putting pressure on your dog’s neck when they are attached to a leash.

If you have a toy breed dog or a dog with a short nose, you may be very familiar with the signature cough or honking sound that your dog makes. This noise occurs when the muscle or cartilage of the windpipe becomes lax and the trachea literally collapses in on itself when a dog inhales or exhales. Although there is no cure for this congenital problem, there are steps you can take to help and prevent uncomfortable “goose honking”.

Tracheal collapse can be triggered by excitement, exercise or heat. For this reason, it is very important to have a harness for walking your dog. A good dog harness will put zero pressure on the trachea if pulled on by a leash, unlike a dog collar. Buddy Belts dog harnesses are made specifically to avoid the sensitive neck area, which is why they are perfect for dogs suffering from tracheal collapse. Pressure from leash pulling is directed towards the chest area of the dog (between the legs), completely avoiding rubbing, choking and possible injury to the neck, spine and trachea.

A Buddy Belt dog harness starts at $35.90, and while it is a little pricier than other harnesses in the market, it is worth every penny. Aside from preventing injuries to the neck area, they also have other advantages. They are easy to put on and take off, unlike many nylon harnesses. Just have your dog step-in and buck on top. As the walker, you’ll have more control, allowing your dog to walk better, pull less and thus prevent future back problems. And Buddy Belts are available in a wide color range of high quality leathers that can last well over five years with proper care.

Buddy Belt owners agree – this is the ultimate dog harness! Shop for Buddy Belts dog harnesses at


At, Dog Collars Are a Fabulous Necessity

July 1st, 2011 at 2:36 pm

Dog collars are a necessity. Every pup needs an assortment of quality dog collars. Dog collars are used to identify lost dogs and attach dog leads. Our dog collars handle these two factors and then add glamour on top. We believe that dog collars are used to reflect the personality of your pet. Our dog collars provide a bevy of unique options. You know your dog. You love your dog, so why not treat them to designer dog collars. They will surely be glad you did.

When a dog owner brings their puppy home, they quickly realize that your dog is more than a pet. It’s a member of the family. Our dog collars help owners treat their dogs like family. All dogs have to wear a dog collar. If another family member had to wear something every day, they would surely want to wear something they love. Our dog collars ensure that your dogs are happy to strut around town with their designer dog collar.

When choosing between different dog collars, consider coordination. Matching dog collars to dog leashes is always a great idea. To take things one step further, match the theme of your dog collars to dog shoes, dog clothes and any other one of our quality products. Matching outfits will help your dog look their best. We try and give our loved ones the best things possible, so be sure your dog gets the best life, too. With our selection of dog collars and other products, you can do just that.