Saint Patrick’s Day Isn’t Just for People

Saint Patrick’s Day has long been touted as the day when everyone is Irish for 24 hours. And while that may not literally be true, most people seem to embrace the origins of the holiday with a healthy dose of theatricality. Pet owners are no exception, though they may not realize just how much they have in common with the holiday’s namesake.

Saint Patrick himself was an animal lover (well, of everything but snakes, anyway). He spent many years working as a shepherd and he kept dogs to help maintain his flock. One would hope he would also embrace their inclusion in his name day.

This year when you start making plans for where ever you’re going to drink green beverages and wear giant shamrock necklaces, keep in mind that your pets can also take part in the holiday festivities. At, we have multitudes of outfits and costumes that will allow your four-legged friends to carouse like they were born on the Emerald Isle. We even have dog toys that can set the perfect mood.

And keep in mind that these are hardly the only costumes we carry. Funnyfur also has a fantastic selection of Halloween costumes, dog shoes, and dog collars that can help your best friend establish a new secret identity.

Throw a dog a bone!

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