10 Unique Dog Costumes Not to Be Missed This Halloween.

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect dog Halloween costume for your four-legged friend. There’s no denying that dogs are the cutest creatures in the entire world, but when you dress one up on a costume, forget about it. There’s something about Halloween dog costumes that just give us that good feeling… regardless of how terrifying the costume may be. (Yeah, we see you down there Mr. Grr-antula. We’re scared of spiders, but we’d still pet you.)

So, without further ado, we are proud to present 10 Unique Dog Halloween Costumes Not to Be Missed This Halloween!

Lederhosen Dog Costume

Lederhosen Dog Costume

Are you kidding with these Lederhosen? It’s like someone said, “A dog costume with a hat is good, but let’s try adding a feather. And how about some suspenders? Ja. Das ist gut .” We dare you to don your pup in a Lederhosen Halloween costume and not have anyone try to pet them.

Shark Dog Costume

Shark Dog Costume

Turn your neighborhood into the high seas this Halloween when your little shark takes control. The pearly whites of the Shark Halloween dog costume will either have people running in terror or begging to give your best friend a treat or two. (Our bet is the treat.)

Wizard Saddle Harness Costume

Wizard Dog Costume

“Look to my coming at the first light on the fifth day…” It was a wise and powerful wizard named Gandalf that uttered those faith-filled epic words in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Then, remember when he showed up and took out about a hundred jillion orcs?? Now it’s time for your dog to be the hero with the Wizard Saddle Harness Costume. (We still have goosebumps from that scene.)

Tin Puppy Dog Costume

Tin Puppy Costume

All the Tin Man wanted was a heart. But when it came time for him to receive one from the great and powerful Oz, it turned out he had heart all along. Much like a pup in the Tin Puppy Dog Costume. In fact, the dog in this costume this Halloween will give everyone who sees it an even bigger heart!

Yoda Dog Costume

Yoda Dog Costume

It’s not certain which is more powerful and a better means to get treats for your pup this Halloween: Jedi mind tricks or just looking like the wisest and most powerful Jedi in the galaxy in the Yoda dog costume. Either way, you can’t go wrong. “Take me trick or treating, you will?”

Sea Captain Dog Costume

Sea Captain Dog Costume

Maybe your four-legged friend prefers the nautical life: the open sea, fresh ocean air, skippering yachts and ships, hoisting jibs and raising the main sail… All that. If so, then it’s time to call your pup captain of the neighborhood this Halloween and get it into the Sea Captain Dog Costume. Permission to come aboard (and be absolutely adorable) granted.

Grr-antula Dog Costume

Spider Dog Costume

Spiders go with Halloween like Santa to Christmas. The creepy-crawly eight-legged nightmares have never looked cuter though when they are transformed into the likes of a dog costume. Sure, the Grr-antula Dog Costume might give some people the willies this Halloween, but isn’t that what a costume all about?

Chef Dog Costume

Chef Dog Costume

Is that Emeril Le-Paw-sse? Puppy Flay? Oh wait, it’s Grr-don Ramsay! (Hooray for celebrity chef dog puns!) Whichever chef your pup resembles in the Chef Dog Costume, one thing is clear, on Halloween night, everyone will be asking you what its favorite dish to cook is. And your answer better be snappy. (Maybe try woofles. Or pawsta marinara. Or anything on a wok. Get it?)

Wicked Dark Fairy Dog Costume

Wicked Fairy Dog Costume

Wicked dark fairies are feared and notorious beings in fairy tale land; just look at the likes of the scary Maleficent. If you’re looking to add a little spice to the sugar of a pup you have, try on the Wicked Dark Fairy Dog Costume and watch the other pups dressed as Sleeping Beauty cower and run! (They probably won’t cower and run, in case you were worried.)

Superhero Dog Costume

Superhero Dog Costume

“In a world where evil has taken over and the goodness of humanity is hanging on by a thread, all hope seems lost. But wait, what’s that up there? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s… SUPERDOG!” (Cue action music, a fight montage, Superdog defeating evil and flying off into the sunset with the girl… or guy, depending on your dog’s gender.) Deep down, we all want to be the good guy. And we’re pretty sure your dog does too. Ward off evil-doers this Halloween in the Superhero Dog Costume. It wouldn’t be surprising if the other dogs you see trick or treating stop to salute your hero’s job well done.

All of these dog costumes and more are available, in a wide variety of colors and sizes, at FunnyFur.com. The question now is, what are you going to transform your pup into this Halloween?


National Pet ID Week

National Pet ID Week was started in an effort to improve the return rate of lost pets and reduce the number of pets taken to shelters. Pet ID tags are the first line of defense and the fastest way of getting lost pets safely reunited with their owners.

ID tags should ideally have either the owner’s name and/or pet’s name, phone number and home address. Other important information to consider including on the tag would be a backup contact phone number, any serious health issues or medications, a reward offer or note that the pet is microchipped. Other tips include:

–       Keep a pet identification tag on your pet at all times

–       Make sure owner contact information is up to date

–       Have a cell phone listed as a primary contact number

–       Include a home address, if possible

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Louisdog Smart Spring Collection

Louisdog just released their second line for 2014, the Smart Spring Collection. To compliment the Lovey Teddy Pants from the first 2014 collection, they’ve added both a Lovey Teddy dress and collectible toy. The Lovey Teddy toy was made in collaboration of famed French toy designer Les Petites Marie and features classic Louisdog heart patterned fabric with a minature versions of their new Smart Tee, available in 6 styles. The Smart Tee is a classic style dog tee sold in a set of two (3 sets available), one striped and one floral design, in a reusable cotton Louisdog logo bag.

We see a lot of classic, simple designs and patterns in this collection, which can appeal to more pet owners with both male and female dogs. They’ve also added a simple striped dog bed, the Stripe Envy House; My Cardigan with cherry embroidery; and Petit Parisian top with a sequin Paris design. See all new Louisdog styles on FunnyFur.com.


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M. Isaac Mizrahi

Last Fall, Isaac Mizrahi released his much anticipated dog clothes line with a Gingham, Leopard and Floral Dot collection. Funny Fur is pleased to announce his Spring line of dog clothes, the Paint Splatter and Painterly Logo collections.

The Paint Splatter Collection features bright and bold splashes of color reminiscent of a Jackson Pollack piece while the Painterly Logo Collection features a signature black and white letter print. These trendy collections are sure to be a favorite amoung stylish pups and owners!

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Louisdog Stars Plz

Louisdog’s first collection release of 2014 is here! The Stars Plz collection features a fun star print fabric that comes in pink and cream. The collection is made up of dog clothes, beds and accessories.

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