Pet Travel with Ease

Sleepypod is known for their comfortable yet practical award winning designs to have your pet in luxurious style while keeping their safety and health top priority. Based out of California, Sleepypod has been creating safety designs since 2006 and all products are thoroughly tested and proved by experts in their field. Sleepypod has received top ratings and awards from Dog Fancy, Modern Cat Magazine, and Pet Business through the years and now has a must have travel accessory for your pet.

Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier

Sleepypod Air is a travel design to give your pet their own space while keeping them calm and comfortable throughout the trip. Sleepypod Air is airline approved and has a practical design to lessen the hassle of airline travel. Made with collapsible sides that can be folded and snapped closed for easy storage but in upright position gives first class leg room for your FurBaby. There are side zippers that open to slip onto the handle and sit on top of your luggage for convenient transportation through the airport. Once on board the carrier has small fold up sides that can be pushed in to help slide the carrier snug under the seat or left down to give your pet space during the flight. With an allover mesh covering your pet will be able to see the happenings but if needed also comes with a panel to insert and give your pet quiet time. If headed on a road trip, the Sleepypod Air has belt straps on the front and back to safely fasten the carrier to the seat belt and a bed covering that can easily be taken off for cleaning. With every feature built in for the traveler in mind, SleepyPod Air is a simple solution for you and your pets’ travels.

Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier


Rain, Rain, Go Away..

Unfortunately we can’t stop the rainy weather to take our dogs out for a brief walk, but we can prepare for it. It can be such a chore to prepare ourselves for the aftermath of clean up when taking our pups for a walk in wet weather. Instead of lugging the hose, grabbing the mat, or gathering the towels there are other easier methods to clean our pups paws. My favorite is the Paw Wash, with a simple design and easy usage it can be perfect for those muddy days. Here is a video demonstrating how easy it is to use. If the weather is a bit more cold, or extremely hot there are also waterproof boots available that slip on each paw and stay securely wrapped on their feet. With the Paws Natural Boots there is no hard padding  so your pup can feel the ground he is walking on, the boot is more of like a protective rubber slip over the paw. It’s great for keeping itchy lawn chemicals off your pup and works with snow or hot pavement. There is always the option of cute and fashionable doggy shoes. It protect against dirt and harsh weather while keeping your pup stylish with any outfit they decide to show off. So with all the options available for protecting our pups paws in the ever changing weather, it doesn’t seem to be a challenge for that walk in the rain.


Hot Fashion Trend: Chic Sweatpants For Dogs

Sweatpants have made their way to become one of the hottest trends of the year. Tons of celebrities, like Rihanna and Selena Gomez, are effortlessly sporting sweatpants and joggers. They’re super versatile! Pair them with a basic white tee for a posh, casual daytime look or pair them with leather for a sleek, sporty nighttime look. And now, pooches can rock this chic trend too!

Wooflink SeatpantsDoggy Sweatpants

These Wooflink Sweatpants are perfect for a pooch who likes to stay trendy and comfy. Wear these out on a walk, to the dog park, wherever! Comes in three different colors & matches perfectly with the Wooflink Chihuahua Sweatshirt!


Top Dog Toys for Naughty or Nice Dogs

Finally—the holidays are here! (Ugh, don’t remind us. We still haven’t gotten all our shopping done!) By now you probably have a good idea which list your dog made this year.

What list, you ask? C’mon, you know what list. (Don’t make us sing it.)

No matter if she’s been naughty or nice, it’s time to find out what dog toys you’re getting your fur baby this holiday. We’ve picked out the paws-down best dog toys that your dog will just love unwrapping—or the best toys to encourage her to be better next year!

Dog and Puppy Toys for Nice Dogs

Nothing helps promote good behavior than positive reinforcement, right? If your fur baby was well-behaved this year, she deserves something nice to make sure she keeps up the good work. Show your dog she’s the reason for your season with these delightful dog toys for good pups!

Did Somebody Say ‘Steak?’

Steak Dog Toy

Okay, so it’s not exactly a seafood dinner. But what dog can say ‘no’ to a big, fat steak? Your fur baby will love chowing down on this hot-off-the-grill T-Bone Steak Plush Pet Toy. Because let’s face it—bones are so yesterday. This choice-cut toy is the best way to give your pup a nice treat without making a big mess.

Dog Save the (Beauty) Queen

Newman Best in Show Toy Set

If your dog’s been an absolute angel this year, you need a gift that speaks her language. This Oscar Newman Best in Show Toy Set does exactly that, providing your doggy diva with all the essential accessories she needs to feel like a princess. From the plush hairbrush to the teeny-tiny blow dryer, she’ll love getting primped while squeaking these durable dog toys.

“Standing Outside with Your Mouth Open Wide…”

Snowflake Rope Dog Toy

Catching snowflakes is great fun, but it only lasts so long. As soon as the flakes hit your tongue, it melts—that’s it; party’s over. But you can make the fun last with a Snowflake Rope Dog Toy! Unlike actual snowflakes, these tough dog toys will bring your dog plenty of winter merriment all season long. Toss, tug, and pull to your dog’s delight, without that melt-in-your-mouth quality.


Dog Toys for Naughty Dogs

We know, we know—she’s still your little fur baby, even if she’s been a bad girl. But choosing the right dog toys can send her the message: “You’d better shape up next year, or else!” Here are our top picks for dogs who have been naughty:

Chew on This!

Tory Bark Shoe Toy

Chewed-up furniture? Oh, no—not in your house. That’s a one-way ticket to the Naughty List (at least until next year). But if your dog’s gonna chew, she can at least chew on something other than the ottoman.

Maybe this Tory Bark Shoe Toy will take some of the heat off your home décor. Made from cute quilted material, it looks just like the real thing. You’ll definitely want to grab a pair! (Who buys a single shoe? That would drive us crazy.)

Puppy Punishment

Peekaboo Grand Bow House

You know what they say: Bad dogs get sent to the doghouse. So the next time your bad fur baby deserves a time-out, why not put her in an actual doghouse? This Peekaboo Grand Bow House by Louisdog is probably more than your naughty dog deserves, but c’mon—it is the holidays.

Santa’s Little Helper

Canvas Gnome Dog Toy

We know gnomes aren’t elves, but your dog won’t know the difference! This Recycled Canvas Gnome Dog Toy, and his… stern… expression, will be a subtle reminder for your fur baby that Santa’s always watching.

With these gifts, your dog will definitely know which list she’s on this year. If all goes according to plan, your nice dog will stay on her best behavior, while your naughty dog will change her ways. Then again, you’ll probably end up getting her presents anyway—who can deny that cute face??


Funny Fur’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Gifts for Your Perfect Pup

Ruh roh, Raggy, rit’s the rolidays!” Okay, we don’t know if Scooby Doo ever said that exactly, but he may as well have. Even dogs aren’t exempt from the shopping madness which ensues at the tail end of every year. So with the holidays forcing their way into every store, street, and neighborhood, you know now is the perfect time to find something special for the special dog in your life.

Whether your fur baby will be happy with some simple dogs’ accessories or you need to go all-out to make him happy, just follow our Holiday Gift Guide for some great gift ideas! There’s something for everyone here, from the poshest Poms to the chattiest Chihuahuas. Take a look!

Warm Winter Wear

Moosey Dog Hoodie

Keeping warm is a top priority for dogs this winter. This  keeps your pup nice and toasty while looking his wintery best. No snow drift will go unexplored once he’s bounding across the winter wonderland in this cute sweater! Pair it with some delightful dogs’ accessories, and pop up the hood to show off his antlers (made from 100% natural free-range wool, like the rest of the sweater).

Susan Lanci Holiday Dog and Puppy Accessories

dog collars

Nothing cute-ifies dog collars like holiday dogs’ accessories! And with our range of holiday-themed bells, charms, and bows, you can add festive charm to your pup’s already adorable appearance with Susan Lanci’s latest collar creations. The Gingerbread Man Ultrasuede Dog Bow is a super-sweet look, while the Christmas Holly Bow and Jingle Bells Slider will bring kisses and Christmas cheer for all! And don’t forget a Santa Claus Charm to add that iconic, jolly look to your pup.

Holiday Bling

Giltmore Big Bow Collar

Maybe your pup has more sophisticated taste in designer dog accessories. If that’s the case, a gorgeous red Giltmore Big Bow Collar will make your dog look positively stunning while sitting down by the fireplace. And with three rows of Swarovski crystals lining it—and oh yeah, the big one in the middle—he’ll glitter and shine by the firelight!

Christmas Costume

Santa Paws coat

You know the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” right? Of course you have. Well, who can blame Mommy? You’ll want to kiss Santa Claus too if your dog comes down the chimney wearing this Santa Paws coat! And best of all, a dog harness is built right into this coat, so you can easily spread holiday cheer on a late morning walk (after all the presents have been opened).

A “Lump” Sum…

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Coa

Does your dog deserve coal this holiday season? Not real coal, of course. The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Coal rubber dog toy lets your dog know he’s been a bad boy—but that you forgive him anyway! This rubber dog toy rounds out at 3 inches in diameter, which is just perfect for dogs whose big mouths have put them on the naughty list!

We hope our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide has provided you with plenty of options for your pampered pooch. But you’re looking for something else, visit our Holiday Shop page. From dogs’ accessories which make great stocking stuffers to tasty holiday treats, you’re sure to find something which will make your holiday both merry and bright.


Funny Fur’s Fall Fashion Guide: Keep Your Fur Baby from Being a B-R-R Baby

Fall’s in full swing, and you know what that means—it’s time to wrap our pups in the warmest autumn and winter wear, so they don’t freeze their cute little paws off! When the weather turns ugly, that’s the perfect time to dress your dog in the cutest, most fabulous dog knitwear, jackets, and coats. Here are some of our top choices for your pup to survive the increasing cold:

Bomber Dog Jacket

Bombs away! True, the Bomber Jacket was made with pilots in mind, but its basic function is the same—to keep its wearer nice and toasty. Just pop that hood up, and your dog is good to go. This dog jacket is seriously heavy-duty against wind and other harsh elements, but it’s light enough that your dog can still pull some serious g-forces in it. (Okay, he might not break the sound barrier, but dogs still love to run.)

Dog Tartan Vest

Cold weather means it’s plaid’s time to shine! Yes, we’re aware of the whole confusing plaid debate. (Is plaid the pattern? Or is that the material… wait, what about flannel?!) But one thing we can all agree on is that your dog would look absolutely darling in this dog winter jacket. The red or black base color of the Tartan Wrap Coat will make a captivating contrast with the oranges, yellows, and reds of falling autumn leaves.

Christmas Dog Jacket

Did you really need another reminder that Christmas is right around the corner? Maybe not, but that’s a good excuse as any to dress up your pup in this ultra-adorable Holly Days Tree Sweater. This holiday season, your dog can bring good tidings and good cheer to all as he sits by the Yule Log looking oh-so-handsome. And they say no one likes Christmas sweaters!

Puffy Dog Jacket

Even if it’s not snowing yet, it can still get plenty chilly on those early morning walks. We know as well as you do that our dogs love walks, but could we at least get our coffee first before braving that brisk autumn air? No? JEEZ. We think the Snow Princess Parka perfectly epitomizes any diva dog who eventually gets what they want, no matter what you say. This dog winter jacket is delicate yet stylish—just like your prim puppy princess. And of course it comes with a fur-covered hood to protect your fur baby from the cold. (It wouldn’t really be a parka without a hood, would it?)

Patterned Dog Sweater

It’s rabbit season! Well, it is as far as this Bunny Dog Hoodie is concerned. Fall can get kind of dreary the longer it goes on (what with that time change and all), but clothes like these make sure your dog will have plenty of fun by the time spring rolls around. Just look at those long, cute pink ears. And the little pom-pom on the tushie? To die for. We dare you to go five seconds without hugging your pup when he’s wearing this dog coat.

These fall dog clothes are just a few of the offerings available to you at We’ve got plenty of other fashionable choices to help keep your pup warm during the colder months—just take a look at our dog jackets and coats! What clothes will keep your pup warm this fall?


A Howl-O-Ween Benefit for Barrio Dogs at Funny Fur’s River Oaks Location!

Funny Fur Halloween Party

Happy Howl-O-Ween from Funny Fur!

Are you and your furry friend ready to have a spooky good time? Funny Fur is excited to be supporting the wonderful and amazingly-awesome Barrio Dogs, a local non-profit, animal welfare organization based in Houston, through our annual Howl-O-Ween fundraising party! We have had much success raising money for local non-profits in the past, and are excited to be donating 100% of the proceeds from our Howl-O-Ween party to Barrio Dogs! Come on down to Funny Fur’s River Oaks location for enough fun, food, and drinks to shake a stick at.

Mark your calendar for October 24, 2014. From 6pm to 9pm the good times are gonna get even better when we party behind our River Oaks location at 3268 Westheimer Rd. DJ Al will be spinning some of today’s best hit music for you and your pups to groove on down to, and we’ll have all sorts of tasty food and delicious beverages to keep you full and happy.

Think your pup is the cutest in a dog costume? Come and join our cute and colorful costume contest where you and your furry friend will have a chance to prance away with a grand prize of a $200 gift card to spend at Funny Fur. You can also enter our sensational raffle for a chance to win something great for you and your pup. And to keep the fun going, we have an amazing silent auction where you can bid and score great deals on products from fantastic brands including Wooflink, Louisdog, and Buddy Belt!

For only a $10 donation (dogs and kids under 12 are free), you get access to all this fun plus a free toy for your dog in our special bobbing-for-toys pool. Your donation also treats your dog to treats from BubbaRose. And for you? How about unlimited alcoholic drinks courtesy of DeepEddy Vodka as well as and tasty eats courtesy of Sprinkles and Little Jimmy’s Deli. (The bottomless vodka drinks are an additional $10, but it’s for an amazing cause and it’s all you can drink!)

Take the memories of the night home with you and cherish them forever when you stop by the photo booth provided by Sutterbooth. We’ll have all sorts of costumes and props to add some character to your pictures!

Over the past years, we’ve raised impressive amounts of money to help a number of amazing charities. This year, we hope to raise even more for Barrio Dogs! And we can only do it with your help. Be sure to stop by the Barrio Dogs booth to learn more from Selena and the rest of the volunteers.

We hope to see you and your furry friend’s face there for a night of night of spooky good fun!

Remember the details:

    • When: Friday October 24th from 6pm to 9pm
    • Where: Funny Fur, 3268 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098


See you there!


Trick-or-Treating With Your Dog: Dog Costumes to Complete Your Team

Is there anything better than trick or treating? You get to get dressed up as a ghoul, goblin, ghost, prince, princess, major league baseball player, etc… Whatever it is your brain can think up! And then you get to go door-to-door asking people for free candy! If you’re headed out to get the goodies this Halloween, consider taking your family dog along, and make sure you get them into a great dog costume!

It’s a fact that trick-or-treating is exponentially more fun when you bring your dog along, or at least it should be. Bringing your dog, in an awesome dog costume, only adds to the whole experience of traipsing through the neighborhood on All Hallows Eve getting that delicious, delicious candy from each and every house. And if you’re thinking of putting your pup in a dog Halloween costume to compliment your costume, you’re probably in store for full-size candy bars as opposed to those fun-sized teases.

So if you’re going as a team with your furry friend this Halloween, consider the following costumes for dogs that will compliment yours.


Santa Dog Costume

Who doesn’t love the jolly ol fat man known as Santa Clause? Why wait until yuletide to dress the part? Dust off your St. Nick coat, your big white beard, and bowls full of jelly and hit the neighborhood this Halloween. Make sure to don your pup in the reindeer dog costume, though, because someone needs to guide the sleigh for the evening. Or, do the old switcheroo and you go as the reindeer and let your fur baby be Santa! That’s right, this dog costume is reversible!

Bring the Zoo!

Koala Dog Cotume

Remember that movie, “We Bought a Zoo,” and how that family really bonded over the animals they worked so hard to protect? The Koala dog costume is sort of like that… Especially if you go as a matching koala and the two of you go trick-or-treating. Your mini zoo theme will not only have you and your dog bonding, but every other trick-or-treater out there will be stopping to take pictures and admiring you like the cherished and lovable animals you are.

Slight Dogleg Right…

Dog Golfer Costume

There’s a saying, “Behind every great golfer is a great caddy.” (This might not be a saying, but it should be.) Turn your pup into Rickie Growler this Halloween with the Putter Pup dog costume available at With you as your furry friend’s caddy in tow, nothing will stop the two of you from sinking hole-in-one after hole-in-one and scoring the best treats in the neighborhood.

 On the Run!

Dog Prisoner Costume

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak, especially if you and your dog go as prisoner and prison guard. You’ll want to keep your little law-breaker on a short leash this Halloween when you dress it in the Prisoner Pooch dog costume. With you in a prison guard outfit, the neighborhood will be asking what your dog did to deserve time behind bars. Reassure them that with good behavior, he will be up for paw-role sometime soon, and in the meantime, he deserves a treat.

There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy Dog Costume

If you re-watch Wizard of Oz, you start to notice that the real star isn’t Dorothy after all. It’s Toto, with all of his scampering about, revealing the Wizard for who he really is, and generally just keeping Dorothy and her ragtag group of misfits safe. Now it’s your turn to be the star! Switch roles with your furry friend this Halloween when she puts on the Dorothy dog costume and you dress in dog ears and black fur.  If you have more dog friends, you can complete the brigade by dressing them in the lion, tin man, and scarecrow dog costumes!

Now that you have some good ideas about how to team up with your pooch and go trick-or-treating as a team this Halloween, choose the right dog costume for you and your pup. has a huge selection of costumes for dogs, in a variety of different styles and sizes. And if you’re expecting some furry friends to come trick-or-treating to your house this year, make sure you have some good Halloween treats to give them! We have you covered there too.

Happy Halloween!




10 Unique Dog Costumes Not to Be Missed This Halloween.

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect dog Halloween costume for your four-legged friend. There’s no denying that dogs are the cutest creatures in the entire world, but when you dress one up on a costume, forget about it. There’s something about Halloween dog costumes that just give us that good feeling… regardless of how terrifying the costume may be. (Yeah, we see you down there Mr. Grr-antula. We’re scared of spiders, but we’d still pet you.)

So, without further ado, we are proud to present 10 Unique Dog Halloween Costumes Not to Be Missed This Halloween!

Lederhosen Dog Costume

Lederhosen Dog Costume

Are you kidding with these Lederhosen? It’s like someone said, “A dog costume with a hat is good, but let’s try adding a feather. And how about some suspenders? Ja. Das ist gut .” We dare you to don your pup in a Lederhosen Halloween costume and not have anyone try to pet them.

Shark Dog Costume

Shark Dog Costume

Turn your neighborhood into the high seas this Halloween when your little shark takes control. The pearly whites of the Shark Halloween dog costume will either have people running in terror or begging to give your best friend a treat or two. (Our bet is the treat.)

Wizard Saddle Harness Costume

Wizard Dog Costume

“Look to my coming at the first light on the fifth day…” It was a wise and powerful wizard named Gandalf that uttered those faith-filled epic words in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Then, remember when he showed up and took out about a hundred jillion orcs?? Now it’s time for your dog to be the hero with the Wizard Saddle Harness Costume. (We still have goosebumps from that scene.)

Tin Puppy Dog Costume

Tin Puppy Costume

All the Tin Man wanted was a heart. But when it came time for him to receive one from the great and powerful Oz, it turned out he had heart all along. Much like a pup in the Tin Puppy Dog Costume. In fact, the dog in this costume this Halloween will give everyone who sees it an even bigger heart!

Yoda Dog Costume

Yoda Dog Costume

It’s not certain which is more powerful and a better means to get treats for your pup this Halloween: Jedi mind tricks or just looking like the wisest and most powerful Jedi in the galaxy in the Yoda dog costume. Either way, you can’t go wrong. “Take me trick or treating, you will?”

Sea Captain Dog Costume

Sea Captain Dog Costume

Maybe your four-legged friend prefers the nautical life: the open sea, fresh ocean air, skippering yachts and ships, hoisting jibs and raising the main sail… All that. If so, then it’s time to call your pup captain of the neighborhood this Halloween and get it into the Sea Captain Dog Costume. Permission to come aboard (and be absolutely adorable) granted.

Grr-antula Dog Costume

Spider Dog Costume

Spiders go with Halloween like Santa to Christmas. The creepy-crawly eight-legged nightmares have never looked cuter though when they are transformed into the likes of a dog costume. Sure, the Grr-antula Dog Costume might give some people the willies this Halloween, but isn’t that what a costume all about?

Chef Dog Costume

Chef Dog Costume

Is that Emeril Le-Paw-sse? Puppy Flay? Oh wait, it’s Grr-don Ramsay! (Hooray for celebrity chef dog puns!) Whichever chef your pup resembles in the Chef Dog Costume, one thing is clear, on Halloween night, everyone will be asking you what its favorite dish to cook is. And your answer better be snappy. (Maybe try woofles. Or pawsta marinara. Or anything on a wok. Get it?)

Wicked Dark Fairy Dog Costume

Wicked Fairy Dog Costume

Wicked dark fairies are feared and notorious beings in fairy tale land; just look at the likes of the scary Maleficent. If you’re looking to add a little spice to the sugar of a pup you have, try on the Wicked Dark Fairy Dog Costume and watch the other pups dressed as Sleeping Beauty cower and run! (They probably won’t cower and run, in case you were worried.)

Superhero Dog Costume

Superhero Dog Costume

“In a world where evil has taken over and the goodness of humanity is hanging on by a thread, all hope seems lost. But wait, what’s that up there? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s… SUPERDOG!” (Cue action music, a fight montage, Superdog defeating evil and flying off into the sunset with the girl… or guy, depending on your dog’s gender.) Deep down, we all want to be the good guy. And we’re pretty sure your dog does too. Ward off evil-doers this Halloween in the Superhero Dog Costume. It wouldn’t be surprising if the other dogs you see trick or treating stop to salute your hero’s job well done.

All of these dog costumes and more are available, in a wide variety of colors and sizes, at The question now is, what are you going to transform your pup into this Halloween?


National Pet ID Week

National Pet ID Week was started in an effort to improve the return rate of lost pets and reduce the number of pets taken to shelters. Pet ID tags are the first line of defense and the fastest way of getting lost pets safely reunited with their owners.

ID tags should ideally have either the owner’s name and/or pet’s name, phone number and home address. Other important information to consider including on the tag would be a backup contact phone number, any serious health issues or medications, a reward offer or note that the pet is microchipped. Other tips include:

–       Keep a pet identification tag on your pet at all times

–       Make sure owner contact information is up to date

–       Have a cell phone listed as a primary contact number

–       Include a home address, if possible

Pet ID tags are available in an array of sizes, colors and styles. Funny Fur offers plastic, metal, 14 karat gold and sterling silver tags that are plain or decorated with colored enamel, Swarovski crystals or printed designs.

As an alternative to tags, Funny Fur also offers personalized pet collars with contact information engraved on metal buckles or embroidered on the fabric part of the collar.