Buddy Belt Photo Contest

The Buddy Belt dog harness has been raved by pet owners as the ultimate dog harness. It eliminates any pressure and stress on the dog’s neck and trachea from pulling on the leash. The unique sliding “O” or ‘”D” ring slides when dogs abruptly pull. This provides cushion time to react and helps prevent choking. The Buddy Belt is hand made in Canada from high quality leathers and is made to last many years. It’s our favorite dog harness and worthy of the “Ultimate Dog Harness” title. To learn more, visit FunnyFur.com to check out all the Buddy Belt dog harness colors.

It starts at $31.90 for size 1 and goes up in price by size. It’s a pricier harness but well worth every dollar (for those that have it, you know what we mean). Enter FunnyFur.com’s Buddy Belt Photo Contest to win a FREE Buddy Belt dog harness in the new fall colors, in any size! It’s time to dust off the camera and take some photos of your dog in their Buddy Belt!

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