Dog Bowls to Save the Slobby Drinkers and Fast Eaters

The creative engineers and scientists at Contech have outdone themsevles with their DrinkBetter Dog Bowls and EatBetter Dog Bowls.

The EatBetter Dog Bowls has an innovative design that helps encourage dogs to eat slower, take smaller mouthfuls, chew more, and avoid overeating. This helps reduce vomiting and bloating as well as improving the absorption of nutrients through better digestion.  I have reviewed several different dog bowls with serious consideration weighted on their design, their price, and more importantly, how effective they work. The EatBetter Dog Bowls beat out the competive with their modern and sturyd, non-skid design,  very reasonable prices (ranging from $24.95 lowest price at to $35 at other retailers), and ease of use fo the dogs. Other bowls which also get the job done were much more expensive and a little trickier for my dogs to adjust to (they got intimidated and didn’t know how to get to their food).

The DrinkBetter Water Bowl answers the prayers of the pet parents with sloppy drinkers…that would be me.  This ergonomic drinking bowl encourages the dogs to drink slower, at a healthier pace.  The bowl’s unique float configuration (the thing floating in the middle) allows the drinker access to a small amount of water at a time. It minimizes the mess left behind by sloppy drinkers.  This reduces choking and vomiting, and it also helps that it reduces spills.  For the sloppy dogs that dunk their head into their bowls, it keeps their muzzles and ears dry which prevents ear infections. All this with its sleek, sturdy and non-skid design, and at an affordable price (ranging from $24.95 at to $35 at other retailers). :)

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