“Dog” days of summer, Part 1…

So summer is coming and that means my dog, Jack, has special needs that I have to deal with – especially with his fur and skin.  I’m sure any doggie parent with a small fluffy dog can relate!  I always struggle with keeping his fur from getting matted, but grass and sticker burrs are constantly attaching themselves to him during the summer months.  I love using Isle of Dog products…their products are very gentle on my dog’s skin and it smells great.  During the winter, I usually use the No. 16 to keep him bright white.  But during the summer, I like to switch to the Detangle Shampoo No. 30 – his fur gets super soft and I don’t have to brush him as often.  I love the fact that it saves me time!

It’s also really important to me to keep Jack hydrated too – it gets extremely hot here in Texas.  I always carry a portable water bottle with me for made especially for dogs to help prevent dangerous overheating.  And I know this seems silly, but I discovered a new product – Pet Sunscreen by Doggles.  It’s made specifically for dogs (non-toxic!) and his poor nose won’t get sunburned like it did the first summer we got him.

Everyone is so concerned these days about sun damage.  But we never seem to think about our dogs suffering from sun damage or from heat stroke.  But if you think about it, it’s imperative to keep our pets cool and healthy during the summer too.  It’s not as if they can speak up and complain about a sunburn on their noses or that they’re getting too hot, so it’s important to take preventive action.

Throw a dog a bone!

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