Dogs (No, Pigs) Rule the Dog Beach Park

We have always thought it’s a dog’s life. After watching this video, we may have to rethink that. It’s probably going to be a while before we have Pig Beaches and Pig Parks, but for now, these little four legged fur-less babies can enjoy dog clothes, dog collars and harnesses, and dog beaches! We could not stop laughing when we saw this video. It’s super cute how they wag their tales when they make new friends and start getting use to the dogs around them. At first it seems their soon to be canine friends are bullying them. What’s a dog to do when you can’t sniff and lick? Man’s best friend may need to start speaking oink and wobble now that these little piggies are making their ways to American homes as a popular domestic companion. Prissy and Bomber are two very pampered piggies ruling the dog beach park, and we are sure, the talk of the town! I wonder if they could swim like dogs? 😉

Throw a dog a bone!

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