Gracie, Rio, and Easton from Clarksville, TN

Our “Look of the Month” alums have new uber adorable pictures to show off.  Is it just me or the customer photos keeps getting cuter and more adorable?  After seeing all these cute pictures, I am tempted to get out my camera and snap some pics myself.  The voting will start shortly for our “Look of the Month” and as it has taken us a little longer to start, we have two months to catch up on so this month’s winner will get $100 GIFT CARD to  Don’t forget to vote! 


Gracie, one of our favorite customers, is not only a fashionable diva, she is a very funny model.  Just look at these pictures!  So cute!  Gracie is wearing the BodyBell Hoodie (Cammo Rose) by Izzy Galore.  As one of our oldest customers (she has shopped at since we opened  in 2006 and has since then got two new siblings and lots of new outfits), we have seen her grow from an adorable little puppy to a style icon with attitude and humor.  We love you Gracie!



14.jpg 15.jpg 17.jpg


Rio loves to wear clothes and looks great in everything.  She is wearing the Chi WOW WOW one of a kind Vintage Hoodies (Betty Boop) and BodyeBell Hoodie (Versace) by Izzy Galore.  She looks like she could use a nap…it’s not easy living the life of a very pampered puppy.


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg


7.jpg 8.jpg


Easton was the latest addition to the pack.  He joined of family of all females and did not know what he was getting himself into.  Although his sisters get a lot more new clothes than him, he doesn’t mind.  He is very chilled and lowkey.  Given that his two sisters are high maintenance divas, he was the perfect addition to the family.  You are one cool dude Easton!

Easton is wearing a Chi WOW WOW one of kind Vintage Hoodie.


9.jpg 10.jpg

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    Haha, oh poor Gracie. She looks like a chicken or something. But she’s happy she didn’t get the same haircut as Easton, that’s for sure! I am going to get them outside and get some new pics tomorrow in all the things they have from Funny Fur that we haven’t gotten pics of yet. I’m so excited about their red and black Discolulu. And no more of Grandma’s ugly couch. I swear when she’s 100 we are going to be like Frasier and Martin Crane with this sofa. She has some crazy attachment to it and we all hate it!

    July 28th, 2007 @ 8:19 pm

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