Grooming Routine

Benefits of Consistent Dog Grooming

There are many benefits for keeping your pup clean and pristine whether from the groomers’ or giving some time to your furbaby. Just like humans, dogs need a good grooming routine  to ensure the best overall health and help prolong life. When grooming, it’s a quiet bonding time experience between owner and pet and helps you become more familiar with your pets body which will help to catch and prevent any health problems. Not only does grooming improve a pet’s overall health of skin and coat, but it also lowers stress levels for puppies and for us, too. Along with a great smelling pet, regular grooming will help keep dog odor and fur shedding to a minimal inside your car or home. If new to grooming, be sure to have a great attitude, lots (and I mean lots) of patience, and plenty of treats to create a positive experience for your pet. Be sure to stop grooming if it becomes a battle with your pet and return to it later when things are calm again. Of course if your pet requires more detailed cleaning a professional groomer is always best. We would love to hear about your grooming experiences and how your pup likes being taken care of, so please comment below.


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