Isle of Dogs – Fabulous and Vet Recommended!

Isle of Dogs line of grooming & spa products are not only luxurious, but also veterinary grade and extremely gentle for even everyday use!  No harsh chemicals and smells like a 5 star spa.  If you are on the wild side, you can get the Isle Hold and style a mohawk on your fur baby! 

Isle of Dog Products

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    I don’t even know where to begin on how Isle of Dogs is such an amazing and wonderful product.

    Ginger, my very dear and special one eyed Chi was rescued three years ago. When we got her she had horrible skin and fur issues. Very dry and she would scratch a ton. I took her to the vet a few times because I was so worried. My vet knows I am a bit of a worry wart with my animals. :-) Anyway we tried vet shampoo, salmon oil and other different oils that are suppose to help the skin. Absolutely none of that worked. It helped but not enough to stop Ginger from scratching. I spent several hundreds of dollars trying various products and talked to various people. Nothing seemed to make a significant difference.

    One day when I received an order from FunnyFur there was a sample of Isle of Dogs. Jin knew very well of all the problems and things I had tried for Ginger with no success. I fell in love with Isle of Dogs immediately. I read all the information on their website and with Jin’s help figured out a system for Ginger. I was giving Ginger weekly baths. People had informed me that this could be part of the problem. It wasn’t for I had tried ever 2-3 weeks even a month a couple of times and it was obviious that weekly baths was helping her more. Four months later Ginger was able to go without a bath for two weeks before she began itching profusely. I am so thrilled. Isle of Dogs is the only product that has worked for her. I think this is the BEST skin care product available for animals. Oh and her fur is the softest it has ever been.

    To see Ginger going through the day with only scratching a couple of times is so wonderful for me. It’s those little things in life and Isle of Dogs was able to give me one of those little things. I am sure Ginger is a lot more comfortable as well.

    Fran and Ginger

    April 27th, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

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