Juicy Couture Winter Collection

We just got the last of the Juicy Couture pet winter collection and it is fabulous! Our top picks for this holiday season is the new Winter Jacket with Faux Fur, “BITCH IS BACK” leather black collar, and Diamonte Bling Necklace. Juicy Couture continues to surprise us with luxurious style, bold chic hardware, and most importantly, very functional dog accessories. The Juicy Couture “Winter Dog Jacket” is made of 100% nylon which is both luxurious in look and feel, and also very soft. It’s light weight which does not weigh down smaller dogs and allows more fluid movement. The long sleeves shields and protects fur babies from cold weather. There is a matching “Kiss Lock Water Bowl” which converts from a clutch to a travel dog bowl. Fiercely Juicy.

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