Mimi, Izzi, and Kiki from Grand Prairie, Texas

What’s life like with three girl dogs? Very fashionable.

Mimi knows how to strike a serious pose…just ask her Mom Nora,

My first pup ever was Mimi a Maltese…named after my favorite singer Mariah Carey. Just like Mariah, Mimi herself is a self-proclaimed diva. If she see’s the camera…she starts to “Vogue”.

MIMI (Age: 1 year 7 months, Breed:Maltese)

Mimi is seen below wearing a Goth Kitty Lilysweats, Simone Lilydresses, Duckie Lilyjams, and KateLilysuits by Little Lily.





IZZI (Age: 1 year, 1month, Breed: Chihuahua)

Unlike her sister Mimi, Izzi is more lowkey and is the tomboy of the pack. Their Mom says,

She’s the tomboy in the group…punk is her style, but she still likes the occasional dress.

Izzi is wearing the Red Heart Sequin Dress, Hooded Denim Jumper, Punk Skull “Raglan” Tee, Cooper Lilytees & Cooper Lilyties, and Molly Lilysuits.




The latest addition to their pack is Kiki, a Yorkie puppy. She is tiny right now but as soon as she gets bigger, she will be looking fashionable like her sisters. Here’s the pack photo. Kiki is so adorable, even though she is naked (LOL).


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    Look at that itty, bitty Yorkie face. Oh, that makes me miss the days when Gracie was a baby. They are all so adorable!

    July 22nd, 2007 @ 8:01 am

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