Potty Training Tips

If owners could choose one skill their dog had to know, it would to be housebroken. Whether teaching a small puppy or an older dog here are some tips that could help with ensuring an impactful training.

If the dog is not housebroken it is best to keep them confined to one area of the house and should not roam freely until housebroken. Preferably, keep the dog in an area where messes are easier to clean up like a crate or area closed off by a gate. Puppies younger than 10-12 weeks might not be able to hold their urine and pee pads can be used until they get older. Once your pup is old enough be sure to train puppies to use the potty outside otherwise they will understand that it is ok to use the potty inside all the time, and no one wants to be the owner who has to carry pee pads to yappy hour.

When in the process of potty training here are a few do’s and don’ts that can be very helpful.

Do praise your dog with a walk or pat, but the act itself is the best praise as the dog will associate the feeling of relieving their bladder to the act. Don’t use treats because it can interrupt the act and the dog will then just focus on the food and wait later to potty.

Do stop your dog the moment you see them urinating where they aren’t supposed. Catching your dog in the moment will teach them that behavior is not acceptable and then take them immediately outside. Don’t scold your dog 5 minutes later if you find urine stains, because in a dogs’ mind they understand you are mad at the urine stain and might just pick another location in your home to potty. A loud clap or noise maker works great to startle your dog to stop in the moment.

Do use scheduled feeding and potty times so your dog will better understand when they should relieve themselves and once your dog becomes more familiar with what you want after feeding time the wait won’t be so long, and you can get back to Real Housewives. Don’t wait too long after feeding to take your dog outside, about 10 minutes after feeding should work.

There are definitely more tips to helping potty train your pooch, but we want to hear from you about what worked or didn’t work in your training.


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