Buddy Belt Promotion – 25% OFF

Buddy Belts and FunnyFur.com has teamed up to offer a special limited time promotion for 25% OFF all Buddy Belt products from now till April 21 (see instructions below)!  Buddy Belt dog harnesses are perhaps the best dog harnesses ever made. What makes them special is their design and ease of use. It’s a basic step in harness that buckles on top. This harness was designed for dogs who pull on their lead and to prevent pressure from that pull from choking them. Long term benefits for dogs that pull on their leashes are life saving. Not only does it prevent choking and straining on their neck and trachea, it helps to prevent back problems from pulling on the lead. It could be the harness or the confidence the harness gives the walker, but dogs tend to also walk  better in their Buddy Belts. Folks who have had this harness raved that it is the ultimate dog harness!

A Buddy Belt starts at $35.90 and while it is a little pricier than other harnesses in the market, it is worth every penny. This harness is handmade from a high end leather and quality hardware.  They are made to be durable and last a few years. Now with this special limited time offer of 25% OFF, you can try for yourself and give it your own review.

To get the 25% OFF offer, go to Buddy Belt’s facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/buddybelts) and click on “25% OFF” on the left colum, and then click on Get Your Code. Hurry as this special offer ends April 21.

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