Tanner, Boston Terrier, Loves his Buddy Belt Dog Harness

At our Houston dog boutique, local customer Erika and Tanner, her Boston Terrier puppy, got his second Buddy Belt dog harness. Tanner has been shopping with us since our local Houston boutique opened early in the year and is undeniably Porky, my Pug’s BFF. Because Tanner is a high energy puppy and super outgoing, he often pulled on his old harness and choked. After getting his first Buddy Belt Dog Harness a few months back, Erika told us she had better control of Tanner and that the Buddy Belt helped a lot with reducing the pulling and choking. She brought Tanner back to get a larger Buddy Belt as he had outgrown his. Shortly after Tanner got this new Buddy Belt, his Mom sent us this email:

I gave Tanner’s maltese buddy Tippy 2 his old buddy belt and wanted you to know his parents LOVE IT! They have always had such a problem with his fur matting that any other harness was more harmful than helpful by creating so many mats, and now he has beautiful fur with or without the harness and needs much less brushing daily. I just wanted to pass that on.

Thanks Erika and Tanner! We look forward to seeing you both soon!

Erika and Tanner

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    OMG this dog is SPOILED ROTTEN (thats a good thing)

    January 7th, 2009 @ 3:45 pm

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