Ultimate Small Dog Harness – Buddy Belts

Buddy Belt Dog Harness

Buddy Belt Dog Harness

Chi WOW WOW Dog Carrier

Photographed courtesy of FunnyFur.com.

FunnyFur.com’s Spokesdoggy, a 2lbs Chihuahua named Bebe is wearing her size 2 Hot Pink Crystallized Buddy Belt. Whether you have a 55 lbs Bull Dog, 23 lbs Pug, 5 lbs Yorkie, or 2lbs Chihuahua, the Buddy Belt Dog Harness system has proven to be a favorite for our customers of various breeds and sizes. We absolutely love this harness. Not only does it reduce pressure on the neck and trachea, it also reduces pressure on the pulling with it’s sliding “O” ring. The movement helps improve mobility and reduces stress when your dog gets excited and pulls abruptly. FunnyFur.com offers the entire collection by Buddy Belts in all colors and sizes at the guaranteed lowest price. Learn more about the Buddy Belt dog harness system by clicking here.

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